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What to do if your mailbox is located across the street from your house

Customers ask us all the time about what they can do when their mailbox is across the street from their home. We've heard of rushed delivery drivers dropping packages off at the wrong address and even emergency personnel delays because a residence was difficult to find.

If you are struggling with what to do about mailboxes across the street from your house, read on for our suggestions.

1. Ensure you have a large, conspicuous house number on your mailbox

Large mailbox number decals are more easily seen from the road. Choose a decal color that contrasts with your mailbox color and avoid fancy fonts that can be difficult to read. Mailbox numbers at least 2.5" tall placed on both sides of your mailbox is ideal. It is even better if they are reflective.

2. Apply an arrow decal to your mailbox

Arrow stickers made for mailboxes are affordable and easy to apply. They help point delivery drivers across the street to where your driveway or residence is. Reflective arrow decals are more visible at night.

3. Add large, reflective numbering to your home's exterior

If your home is visible from the street, consider adding house numbers or a reflective house number plaque to your home's exterior. Most cities and towns require this. Replace small or faded home numbers and be sure new ones are placed in an obvious, visible location.

Add house numbers above or next to your front door as well as around garage doors.

4. Install a 911 address sign at the beginning of your driveway

911 Address Signs can be placed on a post directly at the end of your driveway. Rural homes that tend to be set back from the road are perfect candidates for 911 Address Signs. Emergency personnel are trained to look for these signs when responding to an emergency. They also make your driveway easier to find for delivery drivers and guests.

Skip the big box stores when shopping for a 911 Address Sign. The numbers they provide tend to be small and the signs are flimsy. Plus, it is almost impossible to align the numbers straight. Instead, consider a 911 Address Sign from Our USA-made signs feature 3M reflective material, large reflective numbering, and the quality, rigidity, and longevity to last many years.

Make Your Home Easy to Find

Delivery drivers, first responders, and guests tend to rely on mailbox numbers to find your address. If your mailbox is across the street from your property, there is a likely chance that drivers may become confused and packages lost. You can minimize this chance by following some or all of the suggestions above.

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