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Can a new mailbox increase curb appeal?

Whether you are trying to sell your home or just want to upgrade the appearance, updating your mailbox is an easy and inexpensive way to boost curb appeal.

According to many real estate agents, replacing or upgrading an old, rusty mailbox can increase the house value and make it easier to sell. When potential home buyers are looking for your home, the first thing they'll look for is your mailbox. Make sure your home is easy to find and have the first impression be a good one. A shiny, clean mailbox with a custom mailbox number decal will leave the impression that you are a homeowner who takes upkeep and maintenance seriously.

Even if you are not looking to sell, a new mailbox and mailbox decal can help visitors, delivery drivers, and first responders find your home more easily. Plus, you'll enjoy a new, fresh mailbox every time you pull into your driveway.

What does a new mailbox cost? A simple, standard mailbox can be purchased for about $30. To save on install cost and time, see if your old mailbox post can be salvaged. Typical wood posts can be sanded and painted to look like new.

A new standard wood mailbox post, if needed, costs about $40. Most homeowners can install a new post themselves.

Once you have your new mailbox installed, you'll want to add your house number and possibly your address or last name. Mailbox sticker decals are an easy and affordable way to give your new mailbox a custom look that will pop.

For under $100 and a couple hours of work, you can have a new mailbox that will increase curb appeal and your home's value.

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