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4 Ways to Improve the Visibility of Your Mailbox

Mailbox visibility is important, especially on busy roads, to prevent your mailbox from being hit. Not only is a rundown mailbox a headache to replace, it can also be a safety hazard to a driver that may hit it.

Mailbox visibility also makes it easier for delivery drivers, guests, and emergency responders to more quickly locate your residence.

In this article we will go over the top 4 easy ways to improve visibility at your mailbox.

1. Add reflective stickers to your mailbox

High quality, outdoor rated reflective mailbox stickers made for mailbox use is an easy way to add visibility to your mailbox, particularly at night.

Easy to install and affordable, mailbox reflective decal stickers will help motorists better see (and avoid hitting) your mailbox.

We carry a variety of outdoor rated and mailbox-rated reflective sticker decals.

2. Install a mailbox post reflector

Mailbox post reflectors are another great accessory used to increase mailbox visibility.

The larger surface area of post-mount reflectors allows more light to reflect back at night.

Utility companies place these on telephone/utility poles to help prevent car collisions, and they work just as well on mailbox posts.

The mailbox post reflector available on our website is highly visible and built to last well over a decade.

3. Ensure proper mailbox number size

Mailbox number size can help motorists more easily see and locate your mailbox and residence. We recommend a minimum mailbox number height of 2.5".

Mailbox numbers can double as visibility reflectors too if you purchase ones made from reflective material.

4. Trim hedges and remove obstructions

Hedges, overgrown trees, and poorly place trash barrels can obstruct your mailbox.

Trim back or remove any obstructions that stick out any further than your mailbox. We recommend removing these obstructions at least 10' to the left and right of your mailbox, if possible.

This will help motorists better see your mailbox at a distance and your USPS delivery driver will thank you!

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