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Do numbers on mailboxes have to be reflective?

Mailbox numbers are important for USPS, delivery drivers, and even emergency services to quickly find your home or business.

While USPS recommends that mailbox numbers should be reflective and contrast with your mailbox color, you are not required to use reflective mailbox numbers.

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Reflective mailbox numbers

USPS only requires that the home, apartment, or business number/letters be marked on the mailbox and that the numbers be "clearly visible" and "at least 1 inch tall".

We recommend you go beyond the minimum USPS guidelines. Additional guidance to improve mailbox number visibility includes:

  • Choose a mailbox number color that contrasts with your mailbox color
  • Apply numbers on both sides of your mailbox
  • Ideally use reflective mailbox numbers to increase visibility at night
  • Number/letter height should be at least 2" tall
  • Replace faded or peeled numbers
  • Trim back brush and plantings so your mailbox number is clearly seen from the road
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