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Should I put numbers on both sides of my mailbox?

We often get asked if house numbers should be applied to both sides of the mailbox.

In most cases the answer is yes. Unless one side of your mailbox is obstructed, having mailbox numbers on both sides of your mailbox allows for drivers and emergency responders to identify your property when driving in any direction.

Should I add a mailbox number to the front of my mailbox?

Yes, it is a good idea (if your mailbox allows for it) to include a house number on the front of your mailbox. When your USPS delivery person arrives at your mailbox to drop off letters they are unable to see the sides.

Having your house number or family name on the front door of the mailbox will help your mail delivery person confirm he/she has the correct mailbox.

Some streets have mailboxes set an angle so that they don't interfere with pedestrians on the sidewalk and so they don't stick out into traffic. In these cases you should definitely have a mailbox number on the front of your mailbox.

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