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How big should mailbox numbers be?

When shopping for new numbers for your mailbox, you may be wondering how tall the numbers should be. Mailbox number is visibility is important for a variety of reasons. It is the main way guests find your home or apartment. Delivery drivers use it to identify where packages should be left. Most importantly, EMS, fire, and police use it to find your home in an emergency.

How tall should my mailbox numbers be?

According to the USPS, mailbox numbers should be at least 1” tall.

Our suggestion to customers is to get mailbox numbers at least 2.5” tall for better visibility at a distance. Nearly all the mailbox numbers and custom decals we offer have characters at least 2.5” tall.

When deciding how tall your mailbox numbers you should be consider how fast traffic moves by your address. If the speed limit reaches 40-50 MPH or higher, larger numbers should be used so that drivers have more time to slow down and avoid traffic congestion.

It is important to note that some HOAs or town ordinances will implement their own regulations for house numbers.

Are there any other considerations for mailbox numbers?

Contrasting colors. Reflective. Font selection. Shrubs/obstructions. Include address when mailbox is not on the street that corresponds with the address of the residence.

Large & Visible Mailbox Numbers Help Your Neighbors

We’ve all had to find an address at some point in our lives. We drive down the road slowly looking at each mailbox trying to figure out if we are getting close to our destination.

Having visible mailbox numbers is an asset to your neighborhood as it helps drivers orient themselves when trying to find a particular address. It also helps EMS personnel in emergencies by alerting them to how close they are to their call. The last thing first responders want to do is back track, guess, or delay response times because house numbers aren’t clearly visible.

Where to buy tall mailbox numbers has a large selection of tall mailbox number options. We offer a variety of colors, including reflective color options. Our decal material is top grade for a long service life on your mailbox.

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