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2.5" Reflective Mailbox Numbers/Letters (Black Text, White Background)

2.5" Reflective Mailbox Numbers/Letters (Black Text, White Background)

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Available in numbers 0-9 and letters A-Z, these 2.5" tall reflective mailbox numbers are black on a white background.

These reflective mailbox characters are easy to apply by hand and are made with Dura-Ref™ engineer-grade reflective material.

Our material is thicker and of higher quality than our competition, producing industry-best reflectivity and long-term service even in extreme outdoor weather conditions.

Features & Specs:

  • Each mailbox character is 2.5 inch tall and the entire sticker is 2.875 inches tall by 1.75 inch wide.
  • Dura-Ref engineer-grade reflectivity allows the mailbox numbers and letters to be seen at night.
  • Thick, high-quality material for industry best longevity and durability. Lasts over 7 years outdoors.
  • Adhesive backing for easy application on any mailbox material.
  • Black text on white, reflective material


In stock and typically ships within 1 business day so you get your order fast!!

Application Instructions:

For the best results, apply to a clean and dry surface. Always measure and align before applying to your mailbox. Only apply when the temperature is above 50°F.

Sticky backing. Align numbers/letters, peel off the adhesive covering, and apply to your mailbox.